Former Alberta Premier Rachel Notley spent $10,000 in taxpayer funds on Facebook promotions

Alberta taxpayers gave Rachel Notley a $10,000 social media bump in her failed bid to be re-elected.

I have freedom of information documents showing former Alberta Premier Rachel Notley spent nearly 10,000 bucks - taxpayer money - on Facebook promotions to increase her visibility as some sort of pipeline champion.

We asked the premier's office for any invoices or expense records relating to Facebook and Twitter posts made by, or on behalf of the Alberta Premier from May 2015 until November 2019. We found one contact, and one partial credit for services that went unused.

The Notley NDP government spent thousands to promote an idle threat in the form of a 2018 Facebook live event. The live event has since been deleted from her Facebook page.

We can’t even see what we all paid to promote.

The live event was a video of Notley threatening to pull out of the Federal climate plan to protest the Federal appeals court decision to delay the Transmountain pipeline - an empty, and inconsequential threat given Notley’s own carbon tax was staying firmly in place.

The ads were meant to target English-speaking Canada on Facebook news feeds as part of Notley’s ineffectual pro-pipeline “Keep Canada Working” social media campaign. It’s ok if you hadn’t heard of it. No one did.

Much of the opposition to Alberta pipelines has been coming out of French-speaking Canada, so it appears as though Notley wasn't trying to move the needle at all. She was preaching to the converted while actually doing nothing at all.

And it cost us 10K.

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  • By David Menzies

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