RCMP Commissioner Lucki won't say if Emergencies Act was necessary

Brenda Lucki took the stand on day 23 of the Public Order Emergency Commission, and, as William Diaz-Berthiaume reports, provided few clear answers — except, of course, about the RCMP's woke policies.

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On Tuesday, the Public Order Emergency Commission heard testimony from the RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki.

Brenda Lucki, now that is a woman whose career has been plagued with scandals ranging from asking OPP commissioners to change apps in order to help her hide deleted messages from the record and interfering in the investigation into the devastating Nova Scotia mass shooting, using this as an opportunity to push for information that would help support the Liberals' gun legislation to be released.

Nevertheless, she is still Canada's highest-ranking Mountie and has an extremely important role in policing in Canada and was deeply involved in the discussions surrounding the police response to the Freedom Convoy

Before we look at one of the most important testimonies to the commission, let's quickly go through why this inquiry is happening.

Back in February, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the never-before-used Emergencies Act on peaceful protesters who travelled from all across the country to protest COVID-19 mandates as part of the Freedom Convoy. This anti-terrorism law grants police extraordinary powers of seizure and arrest and eventually played a role in bringing about the end of the protest.

But for this act to be invoked, the crisis needs to reach a certain threshold under section two of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act, which means that whatever protest or event has led to the crisis must be a threat to national security and the use of the act must also be necessary.

This means that all other options need to be exhausted before the Emergencies Act is invoked. Determining whether or not the act was a necessity is what the Public Order Emergency Commission is investigating and is a requirement of the act itself.

With this understanding, here is some of what Lucki had to say.

Freedom Convoy lawyer Brendan Miller, during his cross-examination of Commissioner Lucki, was often cut off by the counsel for the government of Canada as he was questioning Lucki. And not only that, but the lawyers had to sift through an enormous number of documents touching on Lucki's testimony that were admitted just a few days ago. Documents that were, apparently, not well labelled and at times damning for Lucki.

Another convoy lawyer, Eva Chipiuk, told us more about what Miller had to say during an episode of BREAKDOWN, where Rebel News hosts and special guests analyze the biggest moments from that day's testimony. You can hear her insights below in this timestamped clip from our livestream.

Lucki often seemed not to remember a lot of things and didn't even know what the lawyers examining her were talking about. However, one thing she kept in the front of her memory was that the RCMP takes consistent woke steps to become more inclusive. Her answer to this question was probably the longest and most thorough answer she provided throughout her time in front of the commission.

I wish she cared as much about actual policing and catching bad guys as she does punching her social justice loyalty card.

Finally, following her testimony Commissioner Lucki conducted a media scrum, where we were able to ask her a couple of questions. We pressed her on the fact that under oath, she refused to state if the Emergencies Act was necessary, preferring to only say that it was useful, safer, and that the RCMP couldn't have done what they did without it. She also didn't know the RCMP required a court order to freeze bank accounts.

Take a look at how it went:

After responding to all of our questions, Lucki then left the building. The approval rate for the RCMP gets lower every day, and her testimony will undoubtedly continue this trend.

You can see all of our coverage from the Public Order Emergency Commission and donate to help support our 100% viewer-funded journalism at TruckerCommission.com.

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