BREAKING! RCMP confirm: Nova Scotia shooter used illegally obtained guns

RCMP confirm: Nova Scotia shooter used illegally obtained guns
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The RCMP has confirmed all the firearms used in Canada’s deadliest mass shooting in Nova Scotia were illegally obtained.

Nova Scotia RCMP provided the update today — the first in a month — on their investigation into the mass shooting in April that claimed the lives of 22 victims.

Denturist Gabriel Wortman dressed in a replica police uniform and drove a police look-alike car on his 13-hour murder and arson spree in North and Central Nova Scotia on April 22, 2020. The RCMP have since faced intense criticism for failing to use the Emergency Alert System to warn Nova Scotians about the ongoing attacks, as well as for failing to take seriously previous warnings from members of the public about Wortman’s potential for violence.

RCMP Superintendent Darren Campbell told the press conference:

“In terms of the firearms acquired by the gunman, with respect to the firearms in the gunman's possession, this component of the investigation remains active and involves other domestic and international law enforcement partner agencies. At this time, I can only provide limited details. What can be confirmed is that the gunman had acquired all of these firearms illegally. 

“Of the five firearms found in the gunman's possession on April 19th, three were obtained illegally from the United States, one was obtained illegally in Canada through the estate of ... deceased associate of the gunman, and these are the four firearms that we have previously indicated the gunman had on April 18th. The fifth firearm was Constable Stevenson's.” 

Further, the decals [on Wortman’s vehicle] were "realistic reproductions" of authentic RCMP decals "printed by a local printer/manufacturer" who is cooperating with the investigation. 

Gun control advocates have previously claimed that details about the firearms used in the massacre are needed in order to justify the federal government’s move to ban 1,500 military-style assault firearms.

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