Alberta targets rodeos, Social justice Coca-Cola

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Welcome to Rebel Roundup, ladies and gentlemen — and the rest of you — in which we look back at some of the very best commentaries of the week by your favourite Rebels. I’m your host, David Menzies.

So, the harassment of freedom-loving Albertans continues. First the COVID-Karens came for churches… then restaurants… then motocross events. And now — is nothing sacred? — they are targeting rodeos! Sheila Gunn Reid has all the nitty-gritty details…

The Coca-Cola Company thought it was a jolly good idea to embrace racist policies in the name of social justice. Guess what? Their customers didn’t appreciate this wokeism, and sales of the soda have tanked, big time. High Energy Andrew Chapados has the story.

And letters, we get your letters, we get ’em every minute of every day. And you had plenty to say about the massive anti-lockdown protest that took place last Saturday in Montreal. It was a joyous, festive event… although you wouldn’t know that if you relied on the mainstream media for your news.

Those are your Rebels, now let’s round ‘em up...

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