EXCLUSIVE: PPC leader Maxime Bernier joins 100,000 demonstrators in Montreal

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It was so refreshing to see a federal politician taking part in the massive anti-lockdown demonstration in Montreal this past weekend (and no, it was not Erin “O’Scheer,” leader of the Conservative Party of Canada/Cowardly Lion doppelganger).

Rather, People’s Party of Canada founder and leader Maxime Bernier was on the scene near Montreal’s Olympic Stadium. And he marched alongside an estimated 100,000 Montrealers (and others) demanding that Premier Francois Legault end the debilitating economic lockdown and lift the ridiculous curfew.

Before he marched off, in an exclusive interview with Rebel News, Bernier stated that the rights and freedoms of Canadians from coast to coast are under attack by politicians, bureaucrats and unelected/unaccountable health officials — and it is all being done under the guise of Wuhan virus safety protocols.

The good news: unlike the anti-lockdown protest Bernier attended in Peterborough, Ont. in late April, the PPC leader did not receive a hefty ticket from the illustrious members of the Montreal police. Apparently, under the ludicrously-named “Reopening Ontario Act,” exercising one’s freedom of speech in a public park is currently verboten. Yet, how odd that members of the Peterborough Police Service not only ignored a much larger Black Lives Matter demonstration in Confederation Park last summer, but the police — including Chief Scott Gilbert! — bent the knee in solidarity with the protesters. Holy hypocrisy!

But talk about herd immunity. There was no hassling of Mr. Bernier by law enforcement on this sublime Saturday. Indeed, Bernier, along with 100,000 other passionate and downright festive protesters, were able to exercise such Charter rights as freedom of expression, speech, and assembly — kind of like how they used to do in the good ol’ days (a.k.a., 2019), before the advent of COVID-19 madness.

Imagine that!

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