RECOVERED AUDIO: Ryan Jespersen uses “chimpanzees” slur against racialized opponents

RECOVERED AUDIO: Ryan Jespersen uses “chimpanzees” slur against racialized opponents
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Ryan Jespersen has had all of his content scrubbed, following his nearly 6-year gig hosting the 630AM CHED talk-radio show. Global News erased any mention of the disgraced host from their platform after Jespersen called racialized staff of a city councillor he did not like chimpanzees.

Spotify, iTunes, their websites, the Radio Vault, you name it; Ryan Jespersen was cancelled.

See, Global News hoped to get out ahead of the news that Jespersen called racialized staff of an Edmonton city councillor “chimpanzees.” In today’s age – that is not going to fly.

Although Global desperately wanted to hide all evidence that they employed a closet racist for 5 years and 9 months, Rebel News has obtained an archived copy of Jespersen’s heinous comments.

It is not clear what the official reason was for Jespersen being scrubbed from the Global News brand, as neither him nor the station has issued a statement.

While he apparently only was only punished with an initial suspension following the chimpanzee comments, it appears that Jespersen actually doubled down on the racial slur after publicly apologizing on his show. A listener reportedly texted him, writing “I know he wouldn’t refer to people the way you did to Nickel’s staff now would he?”

Jespersen replied with a black and white photo of a chimp on a typewriter. “Cheers pal,” he added.

It is always the leftists who are the real racists. They will sit from their perch claiming their opponents are alt-right, fascist, racist scumbags. Conservatives are villains, who deserve no mercy or redemption. Deep down, however, folks like Ryan Jespersen are just projecting. Projecting their own bile-fuelled hate.

Just like the CBC’s Wendy “N-Word” Mesley, who dropped the most hair-raising racial slur in her vocabulary to make a point, Jespersen calls people of colour “chimpanzees,” whenever he is feeling particularly irate.

The same goes for Justin Trudeau, who has worn blackface more times than he can count.

Are you noticing a pattern here?

Danielle Smith, Jespersen’s conservative counterpart from Calgary substituted in for him immediately following his initial suspension. According to his Linkedin, Jespersen is still employed by the Edmonton Oilers as a “Game Day Host.”

The Edmonton Oilers stood alongside Matt Dumba as he became the first NHL player to kneel during a national anthem. It is unclear if they will allow an outed racist to remain on their staff.

Mike Nickel, who is rumoured to be making a bid in Edmonton's mayoral race posted this statement Saturday afternoon:

Rebel News has been unable to reach out to Jespersen for comment, as he currently has no publicly facing contact information. If he reaches out to us to comment on this story and these allegations, we will update the article.

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