Red Pill: 'The Matrix' creator says series is about transgenderism

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The Matrix movies were box office smashes from 1999 to 2003, fuelling college dorm room discussions with philosophy surrounding god, machines and computers for years after. Now, with a Matrix 4 set for 2022, the original movies are re-entering the spotlight, but not for obvious reasons.

Matrix creators the Wachowskis have a remarkable story. As brothers, they have both transitioned into women late in adulthood. Laurence became Lana in 2008 at 43 years old, while Andrew became Lilly in 2016 at age 46. The story here is not their transitioning itself, rather it is that as of very recently, Lilly (formerly Andrew), claims The Matrix was actually about transgenderism all along.

“That was the original intention. But the world wasn’t quite ready.”

“I'm glad that it has gotten out.”

“The corporate world wasn't ready.”

These are some of the quotes from the director, who also noted the character named Switch was meant to be transgender  'switching' genders between worlds  an idea later nixed by the studio, opting for an androgynous character.

Two brothers become two sisters and then eight years later, on the heels of a movie announcement, all of a sudden, this is the time to 'speak your truth' and reveal the original Matrix was about transgenderism all along.

But when Lilly Wachowski just a couple weeks ago answers the question, “Did your identity inform writing and directing The Matrix at the time?” She has a hard time explaining the connection. Translation: no.

The movie is about transgenderism, but you as a trans person don't know if it was present in your mind when you wrote it?

The Matrix movies have most certainly been a series with pointed discussion for many years, with many books written about them. Transgenderism was not one of the topics discussed, at all.  The writers could have come out and mentioned this at any point, but they didn't until now.

In their view, corporate America wasn't ready; transgenderism and the true message of The Matrix is so important to them that revealing such took a backseat to consumerism for nearly 20 years?

A search from the year 2000 to 2018, shows the only time 'transgenderism' and 'The Matrix' are mentioned in the same article is to point out that the directors of The Matrix are coming out as transgender.

The issue is not identity, nor personal choice whatsoever. The issue is a political agenda that forces its way into everything it can, actively changing and re-writing the past. Everything from statues, to movies or even songs like “Baby It's Cold Outside.”

While the inverse, is able to run wild and free, without criticism or debate. Re-writing history for political and social gain  that's the problem.

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