Rebel News screened Beijing arrivals with simple remote thermometer — Why doesn’t Border Services?

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Yet again, I dropped by Pearson International Airport in Toronto to quite literally take the temperature of things...

After all, you might think that in this day and age of the Wuhan virus global clampdown that international flights are no longer touching down in Canada.

But that is not the case at all — foreign flights are still arriving, including numerous daily flights from the very epicentre of the #coronovirus: China!

But aside from arriving passengers being given pamphlets by Canada Border Service Agency staffers, what is being done to screen those arriving into Canada?

Well, not that much really (and contrary to what Health Minister Patricia Hajdu claims, asymptomatic passengers are NOT being given masks).

Indeed, unlike so many other countries the world over, arriving passengers aren’t even having their temperatures taken at Canadian airports.

But why? After all, in my most recent visit, I proved it was incredibly easy and fast to do:

I brought my own remote thermometer.

And nobody objected to having their temperatures taken.

So that being the case, what is stopping CBSA from ensuring that those who touch down on Canadian soil are doing so fever-free?

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  • By Ezra Levant


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