Reporter argues to reveal Tommy Robinson's address during latest trial

Ezra Levant reports from England, where a reporter with the Evening Standard argued in court to reveal Tommy Robinson's address. Robinson has faced numerous past threats, and is currently on trial for allegedly refusing a dispersal order from police during a November 2023 rally against antisemitism in London.

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Why is a reporter so obsessed with having Tommy Robinson's home address read out in court? The lawyers involved in the case know where he lives, the judge presiding over the case knows where he lives and the police know where he lives. He's not in court for a crime that occurred at that address.

And yet despite being on the receiving end of numerous death threats, “the judge ruled you have to now read out your address,” Tommy Robinson told Rebel News boss Ezra Levant, who travelled to England to cover today's trial.

“This case is nothing to do with a dispersal order, that incident there [about the address], is nothing to do with justice it's to do with damaging me, endangering me. This is an attack on freedom of speech, this is an attack on me personally, it's an attack on freedom of the press,” Robinson said.

Robinson is facing charges stemming from a protest on November 26, 2023. He was charged during a march against antisemitism, with officers ordering Robinson to leave the area while he was at a restaurant. After refusing to leave, Robinson, who said he was covering the event as a journalist, was pepper-sprayed and charged with failure to disperse.

As part of the conditions placed on him, Robinson has been barred from entering London. “The whole thing's absurd,” Robinson remarked.

“No matter what, police had made the decision I was being arrested,” he said of the November antisemtism rally. “The reason being, so they could give me the conditions that I've had now for three months — going to be six months. Do not enter London, do not attend rallies.”

An organizer of the march described Robinson's presence as making him feel tense. That argument goes both ways, Robinson said, saying pro-Hamas rallies “made the whole country feel tense.”

Those rallies have “caused us national distress week in, week out,” Robinson tells Rebel News, adding, “None of these conditions are being put on any Islamic radicals, any jihadists. Nothing.”

Explaining how these incidents become twisted and distorted, he continued:

They say I was trying to flee. But what they do is, when it gets to trial, they'll read out those statements or the police officers will say those things. The papers will then run: 'Tommy Robinson tried to attack police officer and flee'.

And then when I get convicted, the media will pump that, and that's what happens. Time and time again. It's a total fabrication, it's not reality. Everyone saw what I was arrested for.

Tommy Robinson is back in court on April 22-23. Rebel News will continue to cover this story as it unfolds. Follow all of our coverage and support our independent journalism at

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