REVEALED: Trudeau's office decides which media outlets get to ask him questions

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Many have speculated that the Parliamentary Press Gallery is controlled by the PMO. Speculations became reality when Justin Trudeau hired the Press Gallery’s President, Terry Guillon, as his media enforcer.

Terry’s new job was the same as his old one: to keep Ottawa’s reporters whipped.

He has been doing that ever since.

Now, following the announcement of our lawsuit against Justin Trudeau’s Privy Council Office, where we are suing for our right to be given fair access to the Prime Minister, it was leaked to CTV reporter Glen McGregor that a Prime Minister’s Office staffer has been given the power to determine what is involved in deciding which reporters get through on the phone lines.

I have called in to the Trudeau Morning Show 20 times, and I have recorded my conversations with the phone operators.

WATCH to hear what happens.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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