Ron MacLean's 'free speech' rant misses the mark

David Menzies breaks down why longtime 'Hockey Night in Canada' host Ron MacLean doesn't quite get it when it comes to Pride-themed stick tape in NHL arenas.

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The NHL and the NHL Players' Association recently moved to ban players from using Pride-themed tape on sticks. The decision comes after the league did away with themed jersey nights.

The decision to restrict players from using the tape, however, did not sit well with longtime Hockey Night in Canada host Ron MacLean, who penned a column for Sportsnet criticizing the league and NHLPA for the ban.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies weighed in on MacLean's musings, criticizing the host for his limp-wristed response his co-host, Canadian icon Don Cherry, was fired for daring to criticize people for not wearing poppies around Remembrance Day.

Speaking about how over-the-top MacLean's comments regarding a private company making a business decision to be less political, David said: 

I mean, good golly. Where does one even begin to dissect this rant? After all, it used to be that homosexuality was the 'love that dare not speak its name'. Now you can't get it to shut the hell up.

And really, Ron? "Empires and nation-states and leaders will vanish" if we don't allow rainbow-coloured hockey tape in NHL arenas?

Are you serious? ... You know, I would actually applaud Ron's sentiments if this statement pertained to what happened to those in the Freedom Convoy last year.

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