‘Rule of Six’: New UK social distancing law exempts LGBT support groups

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The United Kingdom is now under the ‘Rule of Six’, a new set of social distancing laws.

In this clip from yesterday's livestream, Ezra Levant reads through some of the (confusing) rules:

“Were you taking notes there? I need a whole chart. So, the United Kingdom — that's England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.. I'm confused already! In some parts of the UK, [the rules] apply to kids. In others, it doesn't. In some parts of the UK, it applies outdoors. In other parts, it doesn't. In some parts, it applies in churches. In other parts, it doesn't.”

And then there are the exemptions to the regulations.

There are separate rules allowing ‘support groups’ for drug addicts or if you're “facing issues related to [your] sexuality or identity”:

“If you're gay, and you're quote, facing issues — you're exempt from the law.”

WATCH and Ezra will highlight more crazy bits from the new COVID rules governing the UK, including the rules for birthday parties and religious rites.

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