Ryan Reynolds LIES about COVID-19 on behalf of B.C. premier

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What happens when people won't listen to coronavirus lockdowns and spoken-word laws that go against your fundamental freedoms?

You could do what Melbourne, Australia did, and completely lockdown, installing a mandatory curfew punishable by arrest. As of the this writing, in a country of almost 26 million people, Australia has a 'whopping' 421 deaths.

During a 24-hour period for this past Tuesday, Australia conducted almost 39,000 tests, with a 'shocking' 290 positive cases. That's a 'frightening' .75 per cent positivity rate.

New Zealand, for some reason, just delayed their election by four weeks due to a "coronavirus flare up."

This "flare up", brings New Zealand's active cases to an overall of 90  yes, 90  with a total of 22 deaths for the country of 5 million. There's only 6 people in hospital for COVID-19 in the country.

In Canada,  the premier of British Columbia put out a call for celebrities — not doctors — to help push his message. Luckily, actors came to the rescue.

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds stated in a message to Premier Horgan: "thousands of young people aren't just getting sick from coronavirus, they're also dying from it too." I'm a big Reynolds fan, but that is an irresponsible claim to make.

In Canada, only 10 people under the age of 30 have died from COVID-19. 

Giving Reynolds the benefit of the doubt, we can include United States' numbers, where 291 people under 25 years old have died. That's about half the amount of people in the same age group who have died of pneumonia in 2020 and 130 more than the flu.

So why aren't there celebrity PSA's for the flu every year? The hyperbole has gone too far.

Don't be stupid. Don't cough and spit on people, and stay two metres apart if possible. But putting on a mask to walk into a restaurant, only to take it off when we sit down, makes no sense. We all know it.

If this isn't about power, and it's about science, it would be great if politicians stopped treating us all like children, even though children, are actually the ones who are barely affected.

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