Saskatchewan protesters hold Christmas Freedom Rally, calling on government to respect Charter rights

Saskatchewan protesters hold Christmas Freedom Rally, calling on government to respect Charter rights
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Furious crowds of anti-maskers are what the mainstream media were painting the attendees of a Christmas Freedom Rally in Saskatoon on Saturday, only to discover that these Saskatchewan citizens were really salt of the earth folks, singing Christmas carols and peacefully gathering together for the sake of freedom.

The Freedom Rally began as a convoy in Davidson, Saskatchewan that travelled north to Saskatoon, where the crowd grew to around 250 people.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark denounced “anti-mask rallies,” saying:

1. To anyone thinking about attending another anti-mask rally in Saskatoon this weekend – give your head a shake. Do not join a rally that tells people to go out and endanger the lives of others.

...4. It is very frustrating to see people going out and undermining all of the efforts that the rest of us have taken. I expect that there be enforcement of the public health orders that are in place, and that the organizers of these events are investigated and held to account.

This is the same mayor who, during a Black Lives Matter protest attended by over 1,000 people, stated:

“We are facing the collision of two pandemics and we need to take each of them very seriously. People’s right to be heard is a fundamental right in the Canadian constitution.”

Yet now he wants investigations into those attending Freedom Rallies who are also exercising their God-given rights and protected Charter freedoms? Where's the intellectual consistency? Whatever happened to equality?

Sask rally Vimy memorial

Earlier in the month, there was a Freedom Rally held at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building in Regina where two of the organizers were fined $2,800 each for non-compliance with the province's public health orders.

Premier Scott Moe stated in a tweet:

I understand a large anti-mask rally is being planned today in Regina. I hope those attending would consider how insignificant the inconveniences they are being asked to follow really are compared to the pain of losing a loved one.

The primary concerns of the Christmas Freedom Rally were calling on the government to uphold, protect and defend Canadian's Charter Rights and Freedoms and allowing for open, public debate.

Sask rally

In a brief interview with Mark Friesen at the rally in Saskatoon, Friesen stated:

“For the last number of weeks we have framed this rally around two points, 1) we demand that our government officials respect the Constitution, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, of course, the freedom to assemble, freedom of speech... they are putting forward measures that go directly against that Charter and they have yet to demonstratively prove that the measures are appropriate for the circumstances.

We need them to show us the evidence, which leads to point number two of our rally, open the debate, open the discussion, allow doctors with opposing views to speak, to get into the media, to be allowed to speak to the media without facing discipline, without facing threats against their livelihood.

There are numerous doctors across the country that have contacted me and others saying this is wrong, this is right and they're not allowed to speak..."

The concerns of all those attending the rally were the same — this is about every Canadian's rights and freedoms, not just their own. One of the rally's speakers said that the event was not about being anti-maskers, and that if you wanted to wear a mask to do so, but not to force others to do so as well.

Sask rally

Attendees were greeted with numerous honks by well-wishers driving by throughout the rally, as well as during their march through part of Saskatoon.

The event was the epitome of the free exercise of peaceful assembly, but we all know the mainstream media won't cover the truth. That is why the independent media will always do our best to bring the truth to the forefront and do what the mainstream refuses to do, amplify Canadians' voices.

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