Save The Cafe: rural Alberta restaurant opens, gets a visit from RCMP and bylaw

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A small pub off Highway 24 in rural Alberta was recently visited by Justin Trudeau’s RCMP and Jason Kenney’s COVID officers. The Mossleigh Bar N Grill opened for sit-down dining on Tuesday, in contravention of Premier Kenney’s widely disliked regulations which make that very act illegal.

“They have never asked us what we want,” owner Cassie Rowse told Rebel News on location. Rowse was concerned that the province-wide regulations unfairly hurt rural businesses, which cannot rely on delivery apps like Skip the Dishes or Uber Eats, as urban restaurants can.

After a day of feeding people like it was 2019, the close-knit community of Mossleigh was met by the law — Kenney’s and Trudeau’s officers tag teamed the restaurant, the former taping up hastily printed closure notices and the latter standing in the corner with her 9mm Smith and Wesson threateningly displayed for everyone to see.

The COVID officer took photos of every patron in the bar, and some Mossleighers responded with a candid middle finger.

After the notice was posted, the bar decided to close for the day. Rowse and her staff are considering if they will reopen once more with other restaurants in the province, who have decided to shirk the law together.

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