Breaking: Seattle Mayor wants to oust Marxist Councilwoman

Breaking: Seattle Mayor wants to oust Marxist Councilwoman
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Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is finally putting her foot down on the far-left insurgency in Seattle that led to the creation of the so-called “Capitol Hill Occupied Zone,” or CHOP—and she’s doing so by calling for the expulsion of Councilwoman Kshama Sawant. 

Earlier this month, Sawant, an avowed Marxist, led a mob of far-left protesters into City Hall against city regulations after hours by unlocking the doors and allowing them to make demands of the city.  

Sawant has also been a vocal opponent of Durkan, and has repeatedly called for her resignation as mayor—not for the same reasons conservatives do, but because Sawant wants to see someone farther to the left take the seat away from the liberal Democrat.  

According to journalist Brandi Kruse, who broke the news on Twitter, Durkan sent a letter to Seattle’s City Council urging members to take action against Sawant, up to and including expulsion. 

The letter accuses Sawant of allowing hundreds of protesters into City Hall, which put the safety of city workers at risk, which not only opened them to the threat of violence but also exposed them to the coronavirus in the enclosed space. 

Durkan also accuses Sawant of leading a protest to the mayor’s home. The mayor’s address is confidential due to her work as a U.S. Attorney, which can potentially endanger her life. 

Additionally, Durkan accuses Sawant of using her position as councilwoman to pursue her personal political agenda, and allowing protesters to occupy city territory, including the East Precinct, which was forced to evacuate following a mob of Black Lives Matter and Antifa demonstrators who set up camp in the Capitol Hill district of the city. 

"Policy disagreements do not justify a Councilmember who potentially uses their position in violation of law or who recklessly undermines the safety of others, all for political theatre,” wrote Durkan.  

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