Shocking survey on civil liberties NOT commissioned by Doug Ford's gov't

Shocking survey on civil liberties NOT commissioned by Doug Ford's gov't
The Canadian Press / Frank Gunn
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A new national omnibus study regarding civil liberties was published by Campaign Research Inc., and the survey of 2,413 eligible Ontario voters garnered some rather shocking results.

58 per cent of voters oppose the police (at their discretion) entering homes without warrants to enforce compliance with COVID restrictions. Surprisingly, 38 per cent of voters support it.

The most supportive groups of such acts are women over 35. On average, 44 per cent of women over 35, either strongly or somewhat support police entering home without warrants. By region, 53 per cent of respondents from Quebec support this, and 42 per cent from Saskatchewan.

When you break that down by party affiliation, it becomes a bit more clear. Bloc Québécois voters support the aforementioned actions by 60 per cent, while Conservative and NDP voters oppose it by over 62 per cent — finally something the two parties can come together on. Those who belonged to “another party” opposed strongly, with 86 per cent against.

A video of police in Gatineau, Quebec went viral recently, showing police forcibly detaining a man after a neighbour tipped off authorities about a home having too many occupants at one time.

52 per cent of voters who were surveyed supported police vehicle checkpoints to enforce restrictions. More than two-thirds of respondents in Quebec and the east coast were in favour.

Rebel News' Avi Yemini was subject to police checkpoints in Victoria, Australia recently:

Another question that asked about isolation centres, where “people who breach COVID restrictions could be taken to protect themselves and others” has the support of 58 per cent of Canadian voters, with increased support in Quebec and the Atlantic provinces.

The forcible detainment of citizens in ‘hotels’ is already happening to Canadians.

Thankfully, 57 per cent of voters oppose the government compelling cellphone companies to provide individual location data for the purpose of lockdown enforcement. But that's still a strangely high number for those who welcome such levels of government monitoring.

59 per cent of Canadian voters support fines or jail for those who spread disinformation about COVID-19, defined as "questioning the existence or seriousness of COVID, or saying “it’s just the flu."

The opinions given in this survey however, may not be very logically consistent, and thus are certainly subject to criticism. For example, the last civil rights related question on the survey was “do you support the govt suspending civil liberties and rights?”

Most said no, but 38 per cent said yes, which is obviously in contradiction with the previous responses.

As for who commissioned the study, that's the organization Campaign Research. And they were rather transparent about this. When asked, a spokesperson stated:

“The poll was conducted by our company and provided to the Toronto Sun newspaper. We also worked with them on the questions. We do not provide polls that are paid for by our clients to the media. We paid for the poll.”

Rumours have been circulating online that these questions were part of a larger plot by Ontario Premier Doug Ford's ruling party; however, it seems the questions, at least in part, were developed by the Toronto Sun, who were seemingly first to break the story.

However, at the time of this publication, this information was not disclosed in the article, which simply states “The online survey of 2,413 Canadians was conducted by Campaign Research / Maru & Blue from Jan. 28 to 30.”

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  • By Ezra Levant

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