St. Patrick's Cathedral vandalized with anti-cop Antifa slogan

St. Patrick's Cathedral vandalized with anti-cop Antifa slogan
AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Over a hundred protesters descended on St. Patrick's Cathedral on New Year’s Day in New York City, one of whom vandalized the front of the church with graffiti, bearing the letters “ACAB — all cops are bastards,” a slogan popularized by Antifa.

Following the breakout of unrest, police responded to the protesters on 51st Street and 5th Avenue at 1:30 AM, police said.

Footage posted by freelance journalist Scootercaster shows the group of protesters standing in front of police cars and blocking their way. Some protesters attacked the hoods of the police vehicles, according to the New York Post, the protesters were aligned with Black Lives Matter Brooklyn, and an organization called “Justice for George.”

The protesters apparently marched from the Stonewall Inn and stopped in front of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. Stonewall Inn has been the site of historic protests in New York City since the rise of the LGBT movement in the 20th century.

Police found the letters ACAB graffitied in pink on the facade of the cathedral, footage which is posted on social media.

According to the New York Post, the protest mob ultimately dispersed and no one was arrested for the unrest.