Since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared, many frontline doctors and nurses have been shamed, silenced, and even punished, for sharing medical opinions that differ from those of our unelected public health officials.

This is not okay! Sign our petition to stop medical silencing.

We must remind the governing bodies of our health professionals that unlike Communist China — where Dr. Li Wenliang was bullied into staying silent on information about COVID-19 that could have potentially saved millions of lives, if taken seriously — this is Canada.

Our medical professionals not only have free speech, they have a duty to maintain a certain code of ethics and professionalism.

This includes being honest and forthright, acting according to their conscience, and empowering their patients in making informed decisions regarding their health.

Stand with me by signing and sharing this petition to help remove the political muzzle from our medical professionals’ brilliant minds.

Canadians are capable of getting a second opinion, should they feel they need to. But they can’t get an informed one if all medical opinions that contrast with public health are being suppressed.

Sign this petition, and we'll make sure every governing body of doctors and nurses in each province and territory gets a copy.

We need to send them the message that Canadians do not support dangerous political censorship of healthcare professionals!