Medical professionals speak out at B.C. freedom rally

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Who should determine whether a medical professional who speaks out against lockdowns, or other COVID-19 measures put in place by the government, is spreading misinformation, or simply giving their professional opinion?

On Saturday, hundreds of fundamental freedom protesters gathered to attend the B.C. Grand Freedom Rally, hosted by a group of activists called the Freedom Rally World Family. Local mainstream media were buzzing about the rally before it even took place, mostly drawing attention to the fact that there were a handful of medical professionals scheduled to speak at the protest.

CBC contacted the medical professionals' employers, and/or regulatory bodies, before publishing an article titled “Colleges stress public responsibilities as MD, nurse set to speak at rally against COVID-19 measures.” I was told by a family member of one of the nurses who had intended to speak at the rally that she no longer felt she could. The decision for the frontline worker to share her story and opinion on COVID-19 measures had become a decision on whether or not the single mom of disabled children could risk losing the job she had worked hard to obtain.

Individuals concerned about the harms that COVID-19 restrictions cause people, or how COVID-19 is constantly being used as an excuse for the rapid loss of fundamental freedoms, have been labelled by the mainstream media as conspiracy theorists, or simply “anti-maskers.” But that narrative becomes less and less convincing when medical professionals start to speak out in numbers, like the close to 50,000 medical professionals and scientists who have signed the global anti-lockdown proclamation known as the Great Barrington Declaration.

I believe that censoring and discouraging the opinions that medical professionals feel is their duty to share with the public puts all of us at risk. Especially when it comes to something that affects all of us on many levels, such as life with COVID-19. If you disagree, consider the lesson that should have been learned from the late whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang. Li was punished and silenced by the Chinese government for spreading “rumours,” which were actually his opinion that there had been an outbreak of a new SARS-like virus in Wuhan, which we know now, of course, was true.

It’s not easy for medical professionals to speak out when being accused of spreading misinformation, but it’s important we help them remain free to do so. Be sure to watch and share this full report, where I interview the freedom rally speakers, Dr. Stephen Malthouse, Dr. Don Orn, a former long term care home provincial manager, and nurses Kristen Nagle and Sarah Choujounian from Global Frontline Nurses.

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