Study: Republicans want domestic pick-ups, Democrats want imported Subarus

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If you drive a made-in-America pickup truck, chances are you’re a Republican; conversely, if you drive an imported crossover, chances are you’re a Democrat!

There are myriad differences between Republicans and Democrats. And apparently, this includes vehicles.

A study awhile back by the market research firm Strategic Vision notes that the five most popular vehicle models among Republican supporters are all large (and extra-large) domestic pickup trucks, numero uno being the Ford F-150, followed by the Chevrolet Silverado, Ram 1500, Ford F250/350 and Ram 2500/3500.

But if you’re a Democrat supporter, you’re more likely to drive a more sedate crossover. Indeed, the number one choice for Democrats is the Subaru Outback crossover, followed by the Honda CR-V, Kia Sorento, Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Highlander — all of which are imports and only one of which is a pickup truck.

According to Strategic Vision, Democratic motorists say they prefer vehicles that are “environmentally friendly, “economical,” and “cool,” whereas Republicans want their wheels to be “powerful,” “rugged,” and “prestigious.
We say: Keep America Great — and toss us the keys to a kick-ass Ford Raptor any day...

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  • By Ezra Levant

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