Study: RCMP leadership approval rating falls to 51%

Study: RCMP leadership approval rating falls to 51%
The Canadian Press / Adrian Wyld
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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police commissioned a $79,823 study from the consulting firm EKOS to learn that Canadians are losing confidence in the “calibre of [their] leadership.”

While confidence in RCMP leadership was at 57 per cent in 2018, before current Commissioner Brenda Lucki was appointed by Justin Trudeau, that approval rating has now dropped to 51 per cent.

According to Blacklock's Reporter,

The RCMP in a study found widespread public confidence in front line officers, but a decline in approval for the Mounties’ national leadership. “While Canadians have a high degree of confidence in the RCMP in general, they award lower marks when it comes to the calibre of its leadership,” said the study Canadians’ Views Of RCMP Policing Services 2019-20.

“Just 51 per cent rate the RCMP’s national leadership as effective,” wrote researchers. The rate was 57 per cent when Lucki was appointed Commissioner in 2018. “Tracking suggests a modest erosion in the public’s confidence in RCMP leadership,” said Canadians’ Views.

...“The RCMP also receives mixed scores in terms of the quality of its leadership, and tracking suggests a modest erosion in the public’s confidence in this area,” said the report.

In June of this year, Rebel News reported that Justin Trudeau declared that the RCMP is a systemically racist institution.

Lucki has admitted that she is struggling with the definition of “systemic racism" as it applies to the RCMP.

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