Supply management: Why Canada fails at fostering small scale farms

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On the latest episode of The Gunn ShowCory Morgan, a columnist at the Western Standard, called in to talk about local Alberta politics and Canadian supply management.

In this clip, Cory talks about his recent experience with small-scale chicken ranching and how he feels the poultry quota system in Canada can disincentivize animal welfare:

“I think our responsibility, as people who eat meat, is to at least humanely raise what we're going to consume.

“Now, supply management makes it illegal to own more than 300 chickens for purposes of laying, at least in Alberta. In some provinces I believe it's down to 100. And that's just a purposeful way to make sure it's absolutely impossible for a cottage industry to start up, to provide these kind of free range things.”

This is just an excerpt of the full Gunn Show.

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