SURVEY: 41% say Canada's immigration quota “too high”

SURVEY: 41% say Canada's immigration quota “too high”

Canada's Department of Immigration has released the results of the latest Annual Tracking Study, finding that four in ten Canadians would cut immigration.

The survey was conducted on the telephone, and 1,320 people answered to the following question:

“Canada aims to admit 341,000 immigrants this year. Do you feel there are too many, too few or about the right number?”

Forty-one per cent of respondents said that the quota was too high.

According to Blacklock's Reporter, the departmental survey also found:

• 19 per cent rated immigration as “very positive”;
• 30 per cent agreed, “Immigration is causing Canada to change in ways I don’t like”;
• 51 per cent agreed, “Immigrants need to do more to integrate into Canadian society”;’
• 52 per cent agreed, “Canada should focus on helping unemployed Canadians rather than looking for skilled immigrants for our workforce”.

A poll conducted by True North in June of this year found that 76% of Canadian respondents wanted a total ban on immigration.