UPDATE: 'Manitoba 5' including Pastor Tobias fighting on for civil liberties

Although those in the ‘Manitoba 5’ have received increased fines, Pastor Tobias remains hopeful, and noted how a precedent may have been set.

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Sharon Vickner, Todd McDougall, Patrick Allard, Dr. Gerry Bohemier, and Pastor Tobias Tissen, are all vocal Manitoban supporters of civil liberties, and advocates for the reduction of lockdown mandates. Given thousands of dollars in fines, and arrested for failure to comply with public health orders which had criminalized public gatherings, they have now been convicted by a judge.

After warrants were issued for their arrests last year, the five were forced to sign conditions of release including no communication with the other members of the group, and no attending or promoting rallies in contravention of the public health act. The no-communication among the group condition came with many logistical issues, namely preventing employment, friendships, and religious worship. In the case of Todd McDougall, there was the added stress of wondering if the media outlet he owns, Winnipeg Alternative Media, would be affected by his new condition.

Luckily, the no-communication conditions were lifted in order to allow for these individuals to go to court together. However, after facing the judge, the fines they received have now been increased. Depending on the individual, the final amount owed now ranges from $14,000-$35,000. The Crown continues to punish peaceful protesters of lockdown mandates — for the purpose of making an example out of them.

Although those in the ‘Manitoba 5’ have received increased fines, Pastor Tobias remains hopeful, and noted how a precedent may have been set. He tells us that the very first ticket was reprimanded, meaning no monetary fine was imposed. However, court costs or surcharges, in any amount, can still be assessed and the conviction will still show on driving records. Pastor Tobias hopes this will help those who have yet to fight their lockdown tickets in court.

An appeal is expected to be filed today, but what that will look like has yet to be determined.

These Manitobans aren’t the only ones dealing with lockdown fines. If you think it’s wrong that the government continues to pursue bureaucratic COVID tickets, punishing the very Canadians who suffered most through the lockdowns, head to DropTheTickets.com and sign the petition to show our politicians just how many people are tired of their draconian tactics.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

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