Tabernacle stolen from Ontario cathedral — where's Justin Trudeau's condemnation?

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A Catholic church in Ontario has been violated in the worst way possible. It’s a religiously-motivated crime. Does our virtue-signaling Prime Minister care? Does anyone?

The bishop of St Catherines, Ontario is pleading with thieves who stole the tabernacle and its sacred contents off the altar of the St Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral. Just read the story in The Catholic Register.

Wiping the scene clean of fingerprints? Casing the cathedral all day beforehand? Well, that sounds a little too organized and savvy to be the work of desperate meth-heads to me.

The tabernacle — the thing that was stolen here — holds the communion wafers. But the tabernacle is more than just a fancy bread box that keeps unleavened bread and decent wine. For Catholics, once the bread becomes consecrated by the priest, it undergoes the process of transubstantiation.

Catholics believe it is then no longer bread and wine but rather the actual — not symbolic — body and blood of Christ.

The thieves walked past the chalice and the monstrance, things that are often made of gold. The thieves did not take the collection box either, but instead, stole the one thing that actually has no monetary value to a common street thug.

They stole Jesus.

This is becoming a common occurrence happening to Catholic churches across the world.

In 2014 the archbishop of Oklahoma city sued a satanic group, the Church of Ahriman, because the dark weirdos had stolen a single communion wafer. Eventually, the lawsuit was dropped because the Satanists returned the communion wafer, admitting they had hoped to use in a black mass.

In India in 2012, the Diocese of Kannur also suspected that their communion hosts had been stolen by Satanists.

In 2015, in Pamplona Spain, a Spanish artist named Abel Ascona stole more than 240 consecrated communion wafers by pretending to receive communion at Mass. He then used the stolen communion in a publicly funded art installation.

In 2019, in just one week, four Catholic buildings were desecrated in France, including a 13th-century church in Dijon that was broken into. The tabernacle was opened and the consecrated bread was placed all over the floor.

These could be the crimes of real Satanists, or just a bunch of larpers in black nail polish, Marilyn Manson t-shirts, and red eyeshadow. It could be leftist busybodies pretending to be edgy by picking on those who are literally called by their faith to turn the other cheek.

However, what is true is that the desecration of Catholic churches is an international problem the mainstream media isn’t paying attention.

In Canada, we have a prime minister who denounces every hate crime that happened to a mosque or Muslim, as he should, but he even does his hate crime theatrics when the hate crimes aren't real but are rather a hoax perpetrated for attention.

Justin Trudeau famously and loudly denounced the Asian man who snipped at a young girl's hijab on her way to school. That man didn't exist and the snipping never happened. It was a fake and Trudeau never apologized to the Asian community that he helped scapegoat.

Canada's prime minister is someone who claims to be a Catholic. I guess anybody can identify as anything these days in Liberal-land.

But have you heard anything from our so-called Catholic prime minister about this very real hate crime against the Catholic community in St. Catharines, Ontario?

Is the mainstream media as on fire about this hate crime as they were about the fake hijab hoax one? Rebel News might be the only place you ever hear it.













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