Target BANS book critical of trans ideology after SJW complaints

Target BANS book critical of trans ideology after SJW complaints
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US retailer Target stated on Thursday that it intends to remove a book critical of the “transgender agenda” after a user on Twitter complained about the book being “transphobic.” Author Abigail Shrier strongly denounced the accusations made against her book.

The censoring of the book, titled, “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters” led to a large increase in sales.

The initial complaint sparking controversy around the book came from a user, stating, “I think the trans community deserves a response from Target as to why they are selling this book about the ‘transgender epidemic’ sweeping the country.” The user has since made their profile private.

Target’s help desk responded to the complaint, stating. “Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. We have removed this book from our assortment.”  

Shrier, who claims to have been targeted with censorship in the past was quick to bring to light the disappearance of her work.

“ just made my book disappear,” the author posted. “Does it bother anyone that Woke activists and spineless corporations now determine what Americans are allowed to read?”

Shrier has been accused of “transphobia” by far-left gender activists, despite her work merely dissecting the growing number of young girls suddenly identifying as transgender. 

“I wrote specifically about the sudden, severe spike in transgender identification among adolescent girls,” Shrier, speaking to Quillette last weekend, stated, “I fully support medical transition for mature adults. And I have no desire to be a provocateur. … Nor do I have any prurient interest in others’ social lives.”

“What I aim to do, as a journalist, is to investigate cultural phenomena, and here was one worth investigating: Between 2016 and 2017, the number of females seeking gender surgery quadrupled in the United States,” she added.

“Thousands of teen girls across the Western world are not only self-diagnosing with a real dysphoric condition they likely do not have; in many cases, they are obtaining hormones and surgeries following the most cursory diagnostic processes,” she continued. “Schoolteachers, therapists, doctors, surgeons, and medical-accreditation organizations are all rubber-stamping these transitions, often out of fear that doing otherwise will be reported as a sign of ‘transphobia’ —despite growing evidence that most young people who present as trans will eventually desist, and so these interventions will do more harm than good.”

“The notion that this sudden wave of transitioning among teens is a worrying, ideologically driven phenomenon is hardly a fringe view,” the author concluded.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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