The Buffalo Ep. 3: Energy in Alberta

Those who cherish western energy and the production of oil spoke with us at the Global Energy Show, and highlighted the value western energy brings to Canada

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At the Global Energy Show in downtown Calgary, we spoke with attendees, both from Alberta and other countries, to find out what the oil and gas industry is enduring over this time of ‘energy transition’. Also, we spoke with Albertans and oil and gas advocates to see why this industry is so captivating in this province.

At 3.7 million barrels of crude oil, and an average of 9.72 billion cubic feet of natural gas produced each day, Alberta is known as a world leader in the energy industry. Atop the largest deposit of crude oil on the planet, many Albertans take pride in their involvement with oil, and the economic benefit Canada receives from these production sites is unparalleled. In other words, it feeds our children and funds our communities, including many Indigenous communities who are equally reliant.

This high-tech operation is one of the world's largest, and hosts one of the most technologically advanced processes in the world which creates cleaner, more efficient methods of oil and gas production. Unfortunately for Alberta however, the battle against the oilsands has been ongoing for quite some time, especially in relation to environmentalism.

Even though Alberta is host to not only some of the most environmentally impeccable standards of operation, they also produce oil and gas in a manner much more ethically than the bulk of the world.

This quality of industry is certainly unparalleled, yet our prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has done nothing but hamper this energy pursuit. From pipeline quandaries to extremist environmentalism, Trudeau has blatantly targeted this bread-and-butter industry.

Even with the continued placement of roadblocks from this Trudeau regime, Albertans remain hopeful and cheerful when it comes to their oil and gas production. Even in the face of the energy transition, oil will never be done away with.

So why not promote our own homegrown industry, one which we can facilitate and inherit from, rather than depending on dirty oil?

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