The Ezra Levant Show: Without smears and insults, Justin Trudeau's Liberals have nothing

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Justin Trudeau's "blackface" scandal has been a disaster. According to the latest poll by Bruce Anderson (who, you may know, is the dad of Trudeau’s communications director), only 12 per cent said they hadn't heard about the the scandal before Sunday morning. That's serious.

According to the poll, 54 per cent of Canadians are following this closely, 34 per cent somewhat.

It’s been devastating to Trudeau because his whole schtick about "diversity is our strength" has now been proven to be a false facade. Just like he's a fake feminist...

How does Trudeau campaign now? Because his entire platform up until now was calling his enemies racist or sexist or Islamophobic or whatever.

Well, here’s a clue from the CBC state broadcaster:

FYI... Justin Trudeau mentioned Ontario premier Doug Ford some 15 times in his news conference to promise steps towards national pharmacare and better access to family doctors.

So he’s going to run against Doug Ford and Jason Kenney? That’s a pretty empty gas tank.

But then yesterday, the Liberals rolled out this:


"Middle class families are feeling stretched. Taxes, fees, and bills pile up while wages are not keeping up.”

Hang on: Liberals are campaigning on the fact that wages aren’t keeping up? Isn’t that... what the opposition is supposed to say? That people are worse off now than they were four years ago?

So weird! But I guess the Liberals really had nothing left other than calling conservatives names!

But their big proposal just made me laugh: "More affordable cell phone bills."

Well, I’m all for that! And they're claiming this will "save a family of four almost $1,000 a year.”

That’s great, but how’s it going to work? Because of course, we don’t have state-owned cell phone companies.

Well, in short, the Liberals' plan is to make a plan, and try to get telecom companies to plan to “work with you,” the customer.

Yeah, I don’t think that’s a plan.

TONIGHT I'll have more on this announcement from Justin Trudeau's Liberals, which the CBC is falsely reporting as a "promise" to "cut cell phone bills by 25 per cent if re-elected."

Folks, the Justin Trudeau Liberals really have nothing. All they had was smears and insults. And without that — well, I think Trudeau himself might be writing these plans — what do you think?

NEXT: My guest Andrew Lawton of the True North Institute was barred from reporting on a Liberal Party event this weekend. He joins me to talk about what happened.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!


  • By Ezra Levant

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