The Ezra Levant Show — New poll: Justin Trudeau is the most hated man in Canada

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There’s a new Angus Reid poll out, and obviously it focuses on the federal election. TONIGHT I'll take you through it in detail.

In Ontario, it’s a dead head between the Tories and Liberals, both at 35 per cent. Look at Alberta — 59 per cent would vote Conservative. Just 17 per cent would vote Liberals. That’s one in six people. Five out of six Albertans won’t vote Liberals — and the sixth is probably just confused or having a lark. 

The most ardent Liberal supporters in the country are women over 55 — my theory is, they still think Pierre Trudeau is dreamy, and are nostalgic for their youth in the 1960s and 70s, and are voting for Pierre’s son.

The lowest support for the Liberals are young men — just 22 per cent, plunging down. 

Tonight I'll also look at what Angus Reid calls a "momentum score": That is, what way is your opinion on any give leader moving. And 45 per cent of people say their opinion on Trudeau has fallen in the last month. That’s car crash territory.

Only 33 per cent of Canadians approve of Trudeau. The daily presidential tracking poll by Rasmussen says Trump is at 53 per cent approval. That's 20 points higher than Trudeau.

I don’t know what will happen a month from now — the election is 27 days away.

But if you were a young man or woman, hopeful, leftist, liberal — would you really go out and knock and doors and put up lawn signs and get your friends to come out to the polls, would you really feel super-motivated now?

NEXT: Prem Singh of Alberta Can't Wait joins me to talk about Donald Trump's spectacular rally in Texas in honour of India's Prime Minister Modi.

FINALLY: Your questions to me!


  • By David Menzies

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