The kinder, gentler tyranny of 2021

David Menzies joins The Ezra Levant Show for a focus on Remembrance Day, and how in 2021 we are experiencing a form of kinder, gentler tyranny.

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Yesterday's Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa was tainted by a pair of incidents. First, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was late, apparently because of a suspicious package causing a security delay. Second, the moment of silence was interrupted by Governor General Mary Simon's arrival, with a voice over a loud speaking breaking the silence to declare the Queen's representative in Canada was now in attendance.

David Menzies was on the scene in Ottawa for the ceremony yesterday, and he joined last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show to reflect on the events.

David told Ezra:

My heart breaks for the veterans. You know, all of our World War I veterans — they have all died off. Of the million Canadian servicemen who served in World War II, there's only about 39,000 of them left. The average age is 94.

And I wonder, Ezra, if we brought the war dead back — of that greatest generation — if they could see what I call the kinder, gentle tyranny of 2021. In which we have vaccine passports, medical apartheid. A kinder, gentle tyranny, but tyranny nonetheless. 

Would they even recognize the country that they went to war for and made that ultimate sacrifice for?

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