THE LIBRANOS: Meet the Rebel fan who put up this giant billboard in Cornwall, Ontario

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Say it loud, say it proud…

Wow, usually when someone likes a book, they will perhaps write a glowing online review or buy a couple more copies for friends or simply provide some positive word of mouth.

But not Kelly Wheeler of Cornwall, Ontario. Wheeler actually paid around $700 to manufacture a gigantic reproduction of the cover of Ezra Levant’s best-selling #1 book, The Libranos: What the media won’t tell you about Justin Trudeau’s corruption.

And then he mounted that poster on the wall of a building he owns. Yes, Wheeler liked Ezra’s book (and despised the shenanigans of the Trudeau Liberals) that much!

Wheeler says the book provided him an education in terms of how insidious The Libranos truly are (and this is coming from someone who actually voted Liberal in 2015 – Wheeler assures me he won’t be making that mistake again.)

Wheeler says he just wants to spread the gospel, letting other people know that Ezra's book is the source material they should be consuming – as opposed to the paid-for pablum by the Media Party. That's assuming Canadians want to know the true agenda of the Liberal Party of Canada these days, that is.

We offer our sincere thanks to this Rebel News Super-Fan. And hey, if anyone else wants to follow suit, by all means do so. That Libranos cover is, after all, a beautiful (albeit delightfully sinister) rendition of Justin and company, wouldn't you say?


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  • By Ezra Levant

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