The normalization of previously unheard of heart conditions in children

As medical institutes run awareness campaigns about this new phenomenon, there is little investigation into what causes it – other than deciding that it definitely is not the unmentionable novel pharmaceutical products that the vast majority of the population have been heavily coerced into taking.

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Recently, children’s hospitals, schools, and sports associations have been putting out previously unheard-of statements on childhood heart and cardiovascular issues to raise awareness of the emerging phenomenon.

Prior to 2021, medical conditions like myocarditis were generally unheard of, but they are becoming commonplace now, especially if you follow the COVID narrative closely. The alarming rise in the normalization of heart issues like myocarditis is evidenced by an ad campaign video put out by the New York Presbyterian Children’s Hospital.

The ad seems to suggest that heart inflammation in children is a common condition. Titled “Pediatric Patient Story – Suri,the description detailed a young girl who was experiencing bad stomach pains which turned out to be myocarditis. It further read that the “pediatric critical care team worked to regulate her heartbeat and got her back to feeling like herself.” The video has now been made inaccessible to the general public.

However, a copy was shared by a cardiologist on Twitter, who notes that this was the first child myocarditis ad that he’s ever seen.

This comes as organizations such as the Ontario Physical Health and Education Association issue press releases titled “Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome” which “refers to a variety of cardiac disorders which are often genetic and undiagnosed that can be responsible for sudden death in young, apparently healthy people.”

As part of this, there was a resource released titled “Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death” which notes that “Recognition of the warning signs and early medical intervention are the keys to preventing sudden cardiac death in children and young adults.”

How do sudden death and myocarditis intertwine? In a previous interview, Dr. William Makis explained the possible mechanism responsible:

“There are studies that have been put out of young people who have died very shortly after injection with the Pfizer vaccine. There [was an autopsy] of two teenagers who died within a week of their shot. In every single case there was a very severe inflammation of the heart. These individuals didn’t know that they had the inflammation so we're talking myocarditis, but a severe kind of myocarditis that you don’t normally see with other virus’ and this can cause sudden cardiac death. It has been proven in several studies, in autopsies, so this is not exactly a mystery.”

The American CDC’s VAERS data further paints an extremely grim picture of the post-injection safety profile, with graphs that reveal not only the alarming risk to younger age demographics but that prior to 2021, post-vaccination myocarditis was extremely rare.

Of note, adverse event data is widely known to be underreported. One pediatric charge nurse discussed how she was fired for simply asking why post-vaccination myocarditis cases were not being reported to VAERS.

Myocarditis is a topic that has been covered in-depth by unofficial and accidental data analyst Kelly Brown, whose work analyzing raw public health data showed alarming safety concerns months before government and health officials publicly acknowledged the risk.

It’s because Brown was doing something different with the data. Instead of grouping all age and sexes together, he broke down the numbers down by age and sex, which showed a shocking risk of post-injection myocarditis for young males that was, until more recently, ignored.

One year ago, Brown presented his findings to the Toronto Board of Health, supported by Canada’s largest public health unit, Toronto Public Health.

It took Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Kieran Moore, nine months to publicly acknowledge that same risk.

Yet, as I pointed out then, Moore astonishingly failed to convey the cumulative risk with each consecutive dose; something that Brown and I discussed in April.

This increasingly alarming safety signal, with the potential to have absolutely devastating consequences, is yet to be publicly denounced, acknowledged or even formally investigated by any medical board or governing body. Instead, it appears to be coupled with an attempt to normalize the far-reaching phenomenon in the young and old alike.

Will all of this continue to be swept under the rug? Or will medical institutions continue to receive backlash so great that they have to scrub their propaganda from the public record?

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