Ultrawoke CTV host's 2006 “Ghetto weave” rant resurfaces

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The lair of nags and battle axes at The Social are back at it. In one week they have helped ruin one woman, and have excused one of their own for the same social justice crime.

In The Social worldview, Canadian women only care about fashion, makeup, complaining openly about their husbands and kids, and only hold orthodox Liberal values. According to them, we care more about Trudeau being handsome than we do about his record debt levels and what that means for our kids.

Personally, the show insults my intelligence. But I guess enough people are watching it as they are held hostage in nail salons across the country that it hasn’t been cancelled yet.

Anyway, Lui made that apology because her past blog posts have now come to light. If we use the yardstick the left uses to measure social justice failings, she was racist, sexist, slut-shaming and classist.

Look at this post, from Liu from 2006. And sorry about the language.

"Ghetto tits ghetto weave ghetto belt ghetto colour combination. Miss Jackson is channeling Tara Reid and it is breaking my heart. I also wish she could move past the nineties. The high-fat ponytail with so over. By the way is it just me or does she look like she just got another nose job? Is there a self-mutilating gene that runs in this family or did Joe Jackson just eff his kids up nice and good?"

Lui is apologizing and it’s all fine and good with her cohosts, I see. I believe in redemption and in personal growth. I’m conservative, I believe that people can – and do – change, that someone’s past is not their present, nor does it dictate their future. That we can outwork our past mistakes and be something better. But those are not the rules of modern progressive cancel culture. And sorry sister, but I don’t make the rules.

Lainey and her gang of scold-y shrews do, as do their cohorts in Canada’s hedonistic but strangely judgmental pop culture. They come from the overtly permissive side of the culture. The side that says everything goes, until they decide that whatever you’ve done or said does NOT go.

These women on The Social have been the unwatchable Canadian constables – enforcing and drafting as they go – the societal laws of cancel culture. Judge, jury, and executioner of who gets to be in the public square and who gets run out of it forever.

Last week, when one of their CTV colleagues Jessica Mulroney got into a spat – with some other influencer I have never heard of – Mulroney was accused of exploiting her white privilege to bully Sasha Exeter – a black blogger and Instagrammer – during quote "this movement" which I think refers to Black Lives Matter.

According to Exeter, it’s over Mulroney’s failure to explain sufficiently (in Exeter’s opinion) why Mulroney had not posted in support of BLM and then an argument ensued where Mulroney allegedly threatened to contact the companies who work with Exeter.

It’s influencers being as petty as I assume they are. A chick fight? Definitely. White supremacy though? Yeah no.

But to The Social? It was white privilege. Totally. Cancel Jessica Mulroney.

So explain to me why Mulroney – and now her husband too – had to lose their jobs, but Lainey is going to keep hers? How is that for white privilege?

Remember when Don Cherry said this?

Well, those harpies on The Social made sure he got cancelled for it because they thought the phrase "you people" was racist, and they didn’t like that Cherry had the audacity to encourage the wearing of the poppy, all while saying extremely bigoted things themselves to explain their positions.

And of course fans of The Social, well, they made excuses for their favourite boring-yet-merciless host for her slights toward hockey boys, finding more charity in their hearts for her than the uncharitable host could find for grieving Humboldt families and their dead sons.

It’s just like Trudeau though, when you are the one making the rules, it’s easy enough to change them when you run afoul of them. Well, I say no more. These are their rules, the left’s rules. Time for them to play by them.

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