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The Washington Redskins name isn’t racist, but activists don’t care

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Hard to believe. In late May, George Floyd is killed during an arrest in Minneapolis. And then, by mid-July, the Washington Redskins logo and nickname are no more, victims of cancel-culture that continues to spiral out of control.

Redskins’ owner Dan Snyder vowed he’d never change the name; but on Sunday he bent a wounded knee to the PC mob that has been oh so reinvigorated by the Black Lives Matter group.

Do black lives matter? Of course they do, as do all lives. But when one looks at the actual Black Lives Matter — the organization that has ties to Marxists and Antifa and anarchists  somehow they have the moral authority today? Weird.

But back to that football club logo and nickname. Why the change? Well, check out this filet of fake news from the Washington Post headlined: "To Native American groups, Redskins name is ‘worst offender.’ Now they hope for more changes"

Oh, the fake part isn’t that official native spokes-thingys are upset about native nicknames for sports clubs. ‘Twas ever thus.

No, the fake part is that the vast majority of natives themselves are not offended. Says who? Well, says the Washington PostIn 2016, the Post commissioned a poll that was exclusively addressed to natives.

Get this: more than 90% of the respondents were NOT offended by the logo and nickname of Washington’s NFL franchise. I think it’s a miracle that the Post ever published the non-PC results of that poll. It must’ve been shocking to the woke-journalists working there.

Indeed, prior to the poll, I asked natives I had encountered in a Toronto park if they were offended by the Redskins name and logo. Check out what they had to say, back then. Fascinating…

Oh, the other part of that headline… the part that states native groups want more changes? Well, that is accurate. And that’s coming: 

  • Indians 
  • Chiefs 
  • Braves
  • Blackhawks

They are all doomed. Even the Edmonton Eskimos are living on borrowed time.

“Eskimos” is supposedly derogatory and symbolizes colonial policies when you ask the usual suspects fronting the Grief Industry.  But ask the Inuit people if they care and you get another story: namely, they don’t.

But you want to know some inconvenient truths regarding Redskins? For starters, the Redskins logo was actually rendered by a native artist. Oops.

And besides, how does changing native nicknames tangibly change anything down on the reserve? If I lived in Grassy Narrows, I want clean drinking water. I wouldn’t give a rodent’s rectum about the name and logo of an American NFL team.

Another argument against the name is that it is inherently racist as it based on skin colour. You wouldn’t have a team named the “Blackskins”, goes the argument. But natives aren’t red-skinned. Heck, with my sunburn, this pink skin is more redskin!

Indeed, in the  book, How the Redskins Got Their Name by M. Andre Billeaudeaux, the author explains that “redskins” originated as a reference to Algonquian-speaking Abnaki warriors of New England who would cover themselves head to toe with red warpaint. Hence, “redskins” is a cultural reference — not a racial slight. This warpaint was red dye derived from the bloodroot plant indigenous to the eastern woodlands from Nova Scotia to Florida and westward to the Mississippi.

Furthermore, the Redskins team was originally based in Boston, where the Sons of Liberty hailed. They were also known as the Society of Red Men, implying an exclusive warrior society. When the Sons of Liberty dressed as Mohawk warriors at the Boston Tea Party it wasn’t meant as a disguise: it was revolutionary propaganda. So it could be argued that the Redskins name was meant to honour revolutionary patriots.

Yet, bottom line, the term redskin refers to body paint as opposed to skin pigmentation. So we’re eradicating a name and logo because it is offensive to… paint?

But this is only the beginning. After all the native sports team nicknames have been lobotomized, the PC mob will move on to other culturally offensive nicknames.

Such as those nicknames associated with… well, how about the military industrial complex and nationalism? So, see ya later New England Patriots, Philadelphia 76ers and Columbus Blue Jackets.

And hey, how ‘bout them Minnesota Vikings? Isn’t Viking culture, you know, a little rape-y?

As for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Oakland Raiders ... how dare you glorify piracy on the high seas!

As for the San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Angels, New Orleans Saints, and the New Jersey Devils… aren’t there overtones of religion here, especially Christianity? Yikes, can’t have that, sports fans!

And how soon will it be before the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals dives into this debate? I’m ever so sorry, but doesn’t Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my, “objectify” animals? Hey Detroit and Chicago, you’d best get cracking on new nicknames, too, before the PETA types go on a vegan-fueled warpath.

But at the end of the day, maybe Dan Snyder should, in the department of, “in for a penny in for a pound,” move the team right out of D.C.? Because while the Redskins nickname will be replaced with, oh, I don’t know, the Fightin’ Spirit Unicorns, what about the name of the city itself, Washington?

Aren’t all things George Washington now verboten to the far-left? Aren’t we supposed to be tearing down George Washington statues right now? How dare the NFL allows a team to play in a municipality named after a slave owner!

Sorry, sports fans. That’s just the way the PC pigskin bounces. And there’s no ref or umpire or video review crew you can appeal this ruling to.

And who cares what the majority thinks – including the native majority – when cancel culture is being driven by the lunatic fringe? Their appetite for so-called “social justice” is insatiable and their weapon is eradication of nicknames and ideas… and even people in this day and age of cancel culture.

But those who comprise the hysterical mob are not the true villains here. They are, after all, unhinged lunatics.

Rather, save your wrath for those in charge who are acquiescing to the whims of this PC mob, the gutless ones who continue to wave the white flag of surrender as opposed to taking a principled stance in the face of insanity.

Dan Snyder is just the latest to throw in the towel. Unfortunately, there will be many more doing likewise in the months ahead as the tail continues to wag the dog.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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