The worst part of Trudeau's censorship plan: a Digital Safety Commissioner

The creation of this new position would give the government unprecedented power to shut down criticism, explains Ezra Levant.

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It's no secret that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has plans to essentially seize control over online content in Canada. It's a subject Rebel News boss Ezra Levant went into detail about on a recent episode of The Ezra Levant Show, and something we've been sharing in shorter clips breaking down each piece of legislation.

You can learn more about those at the links below:

But perhaps worst of all is Trudeau's plan to create a so-called Digital Safety Commissioner. The plan, of course, is designed to protect us from “harm.” Outlining the concerning powers this new position could hold, Ezra said:

So you've got an ultimate, unaccountable, hunter-killer to silence anything “harmful.” And by “harmful” they mean whatever this censor doesn't like. They just love talking about gender equity, don't they? And gender diversity.

The cabinet minister who introduced this idea, his name is Steven Guilbeault, and he gives an example of how this could be used.

His first example is, you can't criticize politicians — he just comes out and says it.

And what power should this tyrant have? Well, he can literally delete or block any website he likes. Trudeau's cabinet minister actually called it the “nuclear option.”

Trudeau proposes extreme ideas like website takedowns within 24 hours — no time for any sort of real hearing. If Trudeau or his team don't like something, they'll just order a social media company to take it down within 24 hours and it must come down within 24 hours.

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