There's a whole lot of malarkey going on with election results | Ezra Levant explains

Last night's U.S. presidential election results were full of twists and turns in the narrative as the votes were counted. But as the hours passed and it got later into the evening of November 3, it seemed clear that President Trump was on course to win reelection, leading in key battleground states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Most viewers went to bed, apparently so too did the people counting votes in these Democrat controlled states. And then something happened: Trump's lead started to shrink. By the time it was morning, somehow things had flipped and it seemed certain, according to the media, that Joe Biden was on his way to becoming the next president of the United States.

Ezra Levant broke down this confusing scenario on today's edition of the Rebel News DAILY Livestream, and it's a story full of so many twists and turns that you'll have to hear it.