“There’s no debate”: Big Tech, media, government align to shut down anti-lockdown activists

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#YahooNation gets is fair-share of denouncement — but it's not just mainstream politicians coming after the anti-lockdown freedom fighters. 

Silicon Valley tech giants are now clamping down on these folks, targeting their social media activity with censorious clampdowns. 

Indeed, just last week Facebook deleted the pages for multiple anti-lockdown groups.

The Line, Mothers Against Distancing, and the MAD Santa Claus Parade were just some that were wiped off the map by our social media overlords. Apparently, Facebook doesn’t like the idea of people campaigning against governments locking down the economy, and forcing masks on even those who cannot comply for medical reasons.

Still, this censorship did not deter the rank and file of #YahooNation from assembling yet again at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto last Saturday. As always, a few were brandishing signs denouncing the mainstream media, and that leads me to think the condemnation of the Yahoos will be expanded in the weeks ahead.

And get this: on Saturday, Bob Rae, Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations, tweeted that going against the Justin Trudeau Liberals’ narrative regarding COVID-19 precautions was tantamount to “hate speech.”

You read that correctly! It is now considered an act of hatred to criticize the federal government’s policies with respect to the Wuhan virus! It would seem to me that Mr. Rae is a superb candidate for some position with the Chinese Communist Party once his U.N. gig is up. 

Bottom line: from censorship to outright cancellation, it is becoming increasingly hard to function as a #YahooNation member these days. But let it be known, they are not standing down anytime soon!

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  • By Ezra Levant


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