World Health Organization publicly praised China in order to get crucial coronavirus information

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What role did Theresa Tam play in the newly uncovered WHO organization flattery offensive meant to coax coronavirus information out of China?

The Associated Press has obtained recordings of World Health Organization officials agreeing to publicly charm, flatter, and all around butt kiss the Chinese communists in an attempt to get Beijing to be more transparent about the coronavirus.

This new report from the AP really does explain so much WHO misinformation about the spread of the disease early on. They were willing to sacrifice the safety of the world in an obviously futile attempt to get the Chinese state officials to suddenly not be the totalitarian monsters we all know them to be.

The World Health organization was played. They played right into China's hands because China got all these officials to praise the CCP and still screwed them out of information required to save lives in the rest of the world.

China got what it wanted, and we got a disease inside our borders.

President Donald Trump has done the right thing in withdrawing the United States from the World Health organization and Canada should follow suit, after we fire Dr Theresa Tam for participating in a bizarre adulation performance meant to massage the feelings of the Chinese communists.

To sign our petition calling on Canada to pull out of the unbelievably stupid World Health organization, please go to

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