Gun rights protester: This isn't Canada, “this is communism”!

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Another Queen’s Park protester tells the government to “Come and take it.” His guns, that is.

At the weekly Queen’s Park protest demanding Premier Doug Ford to fully reopen the economy, there is a sub-genre of protesters who are decrying the federal government’s recent gun grab.

On Saturday, I met another individual lending his voice to this cause.

His take: Justin Trudeau is exploiting not one but two tragedies in order to ramrod his anti-gun agenda through parliament. First there is the ongoing Wuhan virus economic smackdown. Secondly, the grotesque mass-shooting in Nova Scotia last month by a deranged individual (who, we must point out, was not a legal gun owner.)

This protester lays out some basic facts about so-called "assault rifles," and the arbitrary and nonsensical nature of banning some of the firearms on Trudeau's new list.

I asked him about his fellow protester, who calls himself "Green Gun Guy;" he chooses to wear a face covering, while the gentleman I spoke to here does not. He explained why he decided to go public, and challenges all Canadians to stand up for their rights before it is too late.

If you object to PM Trudeau's massive gun grab, SIGN our petition at

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