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Thousands rally in Ottawa for gun rights at CCFR Integrity March

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On Saturday afternoon, an estimated 5,000 Canadians converged on Parliament Hill in Ottawa for the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights (CCFR) Integrity March.

The march was organized to demand integrity from Canadian lawmakers and have the Liberals refocus their public safety efforts on criminals who are committing gun violence in Canadian cities and away from Canada's law-abiding firearms owners.

On May 1, through an Order in Council in the height of a pandemic, the Liberals moved to prohibit 1500 models of shotguns and rifles, calling these firearms "military style assault weapons." In reality, assault weapons were banned in Canada decades ago and the Liberals ill-informed ban outlawed many popular hunting rifles and shotguns as small as a .410 calibre.

Rebel News was there at the Integrity March in full force with two crews. We spoke to hundreds of extremely normal, peaceful marchers from all walks of life, including firearms business owners, airsoft players, and people who don't even like guns, but believe in your right to own one.

Unlike at a left-wing rally, these people knew exactly why they were there, and what the government needs to do to fix the plague of gang violence happening in Canadian cities.

CBC never fails to use their billion-dollar subsidy to disappoint. They did what we knew they'd do, and reported that hundreds, not thousands, of Canadians marched.

The mainstream media has repeated verbatim and with zero skepticism Trudeau's use of the term "assault weapons" to describe hunting rifles and tin-can plinkers as small as a .22. They don't know what they're talking about and they aren't interested in getting the story right.

That's why I flew all the way from Edmonton on Friday night so that I could be there to stand with Canada's law-abiding firearms community.

I wanted to make sure that these people were accurately depicted and fairly treated because, as you know, you just can't trust the mainstream media to tell you the truth. And unlike many of the people at the CBC who report on firearms issues, I'm a gun owner too.

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