Ticketed by Manitoba COVID cops... for an event that never happened

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Patrick Allard is just another normal guy from Manitoba. But while the people in Manitoba remain normal, the government is reacting in the most abnormal of ways to the coronavirus pandemic. Friendly Manitoba isn’t so friendly anymore.

In-person church services are banned. Private gatherings are outlawed. Goods the government has deemed “non-essential” are unable to be purchased. Bars and restaurants are ordered closed.

And if you want to protest the dystopian state of affairs in the Land of 100,000 Lakes, well that’s prohibited too. That’s how I came to know Patrick Allard. He received one, if not the first, pandemic regulation violation ticket in Manitoba for protesting the lockdown.

Then he got another fine for attending a church service — one where the congregants remained in their cars and listened to the sermon broadcast on an FM radio station. At that religious act of rebellion, Allard witnessed a tow-truck nearly haul away a van with the family still in it when the police tried to bust up the illegal worship service at the Church of God in Steinbach, MB.

Rebel News is helping Allard fight both of those tickets. Protesting the government and going to church are protected in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and MB’s so-called Conservative Premier Brian Pallister needs to be reminded of that.

If you have received a coronavirus ticket, don’t pay it. Fight it. Plead not guilty and send it to us at www.FightTheFines.com.  

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