Alberta reporter Tom Ross: “I'm kind of a communist;” other Calgarians “brainwashed”

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An Alberta based legislative reporter has been verified as a communist.

Tom Ross admitted on a podcast with close ties to those in the Antifa movement that he's "kind of a communist."

That radical ideology is responsible for the death of over 100 million people worldwide, and continues to result in internment camps for minority groups and political dissidents.

Ross goes on to say, "It's kind of a tough thing to say, but I think they're sort of brainwashed," referring to his journalistic colleagues who are not on board with his "Green New Deal" fantasy.

Tom Ross has been hounding Jason Kenney for a quote on the “Green New Deal,” which resulted last month in a video of the premier verbally eviscerating the young communist reporter. At that time, Jason Kenney was not aware that Ross was a sworn communist. 

Back during the Alberta Election, Rebel News exposed Anne McGrath as a communist during the Cold War. It is curious to think why Tom Ross never mentioned that factoid to his wide audience.

Communists rely on information control to secure power. Luckily Rebel News didn't let that happen.

Tom Ross has not returned Rebel News' questions inquiring about his affiliation with the extremist ideology. 

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