Toronto tent city timelapse: City shrugs off 5am eviction deadline

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It’s official: Toronto Mayor John Tory has the authoritative credibility of a professional wrestling referee.

For weeks now, a “peaceful protest” (biggest lie of the year thus far) has descended on Nathan Phillips Square, home to Toronto City Hall. It is no home to violent people who want to abolish the police, but because it is an indigenous/black-branded protest and because the hooligans claim that their hodgepodge encampment of filthy tents is actually a “sacred circle”, they are apparently untouchable.

And so, for a couple of weeks now, the degenerates who camp here have been sleeping in the square, as well as openly taking drugs and urinating and defecating, turning a once-proud tourist attraction into a grotesque slum.

But on Friday, Toronto Police finally issued trespass notices, giving the encampment 72 hours (!) to clear out of the square. This motley crew were actually charged under 11 provisions of the Trespass to Property Act.

So, on Monday, we went down to the square at 5am, thinking daybreak would be a logical time for police to remove the squatters. We stayed there for more than 13 hours, and there was zero police presence.

At time of writing, the encampment is STILL there. But why? What about that Monday deadline?

Alas, as always, the devil is in the details. You see, the notice delivered to protesters states:

“The City's enforcement steps may include removal of any property, including tents, on the Square in contravention of this Notice.”

(Note the use of “may” as opposed to “will.”)

Meanwhile, as per usual, around 5:30pm, we were swarmed by the peaceful protesters and bullied off the square under the watchful eye of City Hall Security who did nothing to intervene.  

We were followed by two protesters all the way to a nearby hotel — where we learned, to our amazement, that they had rooms there!

As for City Hall’s “response,” how lame, how pathetic, and yet, how typical of the style of governance embraced by Toronto’s testicular-challenged mayor, John Tory.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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