Town of La Crete, Alberta overrides the health bureaucrats and ends the pandemic

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The pandemic is over in little La Crete Alberta, a northern town with a 14-hour round trip from the capital city of Edmonton. It's over because La Crete never let the coronavirus — or the government in Edmonton — decide how the residents live their lives.

The people of La Crete ignored the advice of health bureaucrats. The largely Mennonite town of La Crete did what people do in small-town Alberta: they minded their own business, they respected other people's choices and they helped their neighbours.

You won't hear the story of La Crete trumpeted in the mainstream media. That little town at the end of the road up north showed us all there was another way forward that didn't involve closed churches, empty dining rooms, families separated through the politics of vaccines, and masked kids.

Will anyone who locked us down ever acknowledge their mistake?

In Friday's episode of Rebel Roundup David and Sheila discuss this small town's amazing success. This is only an excerpt of Rebel Roundup. To watch the full episode become a RebelNews+ subscriber. 

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