Trudeau campaigns with pro-Iranian regime MP Majid Jowhari in Richmond Hill

Why is that the Justin Trudeau Liberals have such a soft spot in their hearts for terrorists and terrorism?

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From Parliament Hill to Richmond Hill, the selfie celebration that is the so-called Justin Trudeau election campaign continues (well, at least in those communities where Trudeau doesn’t have to run for the hills, due to hostile receptions).

The riding of Richmond Hill, Ontario is certainly one that is up for grabs. In 2019, Conservative candidate Costas Menegakis went to bed as the victor on election night. Alas, when he woke up the next day, after the overnight mail-in ballots were counted, current MP Majid Jowhari had won the riding by a razor-thin 0.2% margin. (Golly, where have we heard this story before?)

But it speaks volumes about Trudeau’s character that he would campaign for the likes of Jowhari, as opposed to throwing him out of caucus. Jowhari’s track record is so odious that even some of his fellow Liberals, such as Reza Moridi, have denounced him.

Incredibly, Jowhari is a pro-Iranian regime supporter. He has tweeted words of congratulations to the Iranian mullahs and has even arranged meetings with members of the Iranian government. He also supports Iran re-establishing an embassy in Ottawa. Jowhari also happens to be a liar, fibbing about the status of his engineering credentials.

And yet, with all this baggage, Trudeau called Jowhari a “good man” at the Richmond Hill event! What is Trudeau’s benchmark for “goodness”? That was one of many questions I asked Trudeau at the event, unsurprisingly, none of the queries received answers. Worse, a few members of Trudeau’s Royal Canadian Mounted Goon Squad assaulted me even though I posed no threat to the PM or anyone else. (Three times my foot was purposely stepped on — what a great technique to ensure such physicality would not be caught on camera.)

And again, the question arises: why is that the Justin Trudeau Liberals have such a soft spot in their hearts for terrorists and terrorism? In addition to tolerating Jowhari, consider these egregious examples:

    • Canada’s homegrown Al-Qaeda terrorist, Omar Khadr, was given $10.5 million, ostensibly for hurt feelings;

    • During his disastrous India trip, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invites along Jaspal Atwal, who is a member of an illegal Sikh separatist group and was convicted of attempted murder;

    • Marc “Lost in Space” Garneau is open to recognizing the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan;

    • And Maryam Monsef, a.k.a., the minister of no fixed address, calling members of the Taliban her “brothers.”

So it is that on September 20, the people of Richmond Hill and Canadians coast-to coast must decide: do they want a government that loves — or loathes — Western values and democracy? We know where the Liberals stand on these issues, judging by a track record that gets worse and worse on a now daily basis...

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  • By Ezra Levant

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