Trudeau gives $500,000 to WE Organization to Promote Diversity, Environment

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Justin Trudeau gave the WE Organization $500,000 to create a school program to educate thousands of kids age 7-18 about Liberal Party priorities: Inclusion, diversity, reconciliation, youth and the environment.

And thanks to your help, we were able to get our hands on a copy of that contract to show you today.

In 2016, the WE Organization, also known at the time as Free The Children, sent a proposal to the federal government for cash to become involved in the Canada 150 celebrations:

Free The Children is deeply humbled by the opportunity to apply to the Canada 150 fund for support of our WE Schools Canada.

...please accept this letter as confirmation of Free the Children's authorization to submit an application and to be represented by the signatories of the application, sincerely, Scott Baker, Executive Director, Free The Children.

A couple of months later, WE, as Free The Children, was approved for the Canada 150 grant.

WATCH THE VIDEO and I'll show you the highlights from the grant document and where the money went.

If you can help us keep doing investigations into what the Liberals are doing with your money when they think nobody is watching please go to and donate today.

Access to information is how we shine a light into the darkest corners of the Liberal government.

And we're going to keep digging because this WE scandal infects nearly everything the Liberals have touched in the last five years.

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