AUDIT TRUDEAU: More expense scheming from PM's 2018 India trip uncovered

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Canadian bureaucrats tried to scheme a free executive suite out of the Indian government on Trudeau's 2018 India trip.

Rebel News recently received 1,700 pages of internal emails and communications involving the scandal-plagued state visit to India in February 2018. These documents have already revealed a complex expense plot to pressure an Indian hotel hosting the Canadian delegation to overcharge for an executive level suite they didn't plan to use to offset — and artificially deflate — the costs for club level rooms. You can see those documents at

But the schemes didn't end there.

The bureaucrats involved were angling for a way to have the Indian government pay for a hotel suite by claiming it was for Chrystia Freeland —then the Minister of Foreign Affairs — but then use it for someone else.

The scheme played out in a series of planning emails, at which point those involved came to the conclusion there was no way to trick the Indian government into covering a free room:

"Two suites are not assigned."

"Hotel will charge one regular club floor rate. The other will be at a suite rate and typically this room is covered by the host government for the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

"If one is covered by the host, does it have to be specifically for the Minister of foreign Affairs?"

"What if the Minister of Foreign Affairs doesn't come but we have other ministers? If the other one is at the rate of another room, would we take it and assign it to someone?"

"The mission is checking on this.T assumption is that it must be for the Minister of Foreign Affairs though."

This whole trip needs an audit.

If you agree that India trip must be audited, please visit, sign our petition calling on the Auditor General to examine the PM's India trip, and donate to offset the costs to file a formal legal complaint.

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