Trudeau on CBC Kids: There's a pandemic but let's chat about single-use plastic

Well, I discovered what Justin Trudeau has been doing while holed up in his mansion-cottage for the almost 30th day of a 14-day quarantine: brainwashing kids about life-saving plastics and climate change.

CBC Kids never takes a break from cramming hardcore liberal propaganda down your kids' throats. This time, it’s a 15 minute spot where Trudeau takes questions from children.

I watched this whole thing and I actually burst out laughing when one kid asked what Trudeau is doing with his family to stay busy and he answered in the abstract because his family is at Harrington Lake away from him and in violation of the recommendations of Doug Ford.

So he is talking to other people’s kids on the Internet instead.

Trudeau, speaking finally to people on his level, is focusing on the things that matter in this pandemic: the dangers of single-use plastics.