Trudeau the brownface LIAR: Blackface scandals were big news during 2001 Arabian Nights incident


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would like an embarrassed Canadian nation to believe that he didn't know back in 2001 that dressing up in blackface was a bad idea.

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Eighteen years ago, we may not have been at the levels of “woke” we see today, but the news and media landscape tells a different story.

Trudeau's a liar. We already know that. Within hours of Justin's apology for the first photo — taken at West Point Grey Academy where Trudeau taught — and admission of a second photo, Global News reported that they were sitting on a video showing a third instance.

So let's go over the cultural climate in 2001 when Trudeau donned his turban and “skin-darkening makeup” for an Arabian Nights party and see just how appropriate blackface really was.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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